This is MY year!

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So now that I don’t have my husband around to throw my energy into I am finding it a struggle to truly begin to understand that I must take this time and examine myself and change everything that has been a hinderance to me. I have heard twice that this is my year and that it was my time now so it must be true. Confirmation is real. And I know God wants me to quit hiding behind everyone. He has even went as far as removing them when I couldn’t. My boys are with their dad. Just imagine going 7  years without having chidren everyday 24/7 without a break and then vamoose they’re gone. Well I still have my baby girl but things are different. Okay I have started doing Zumba and it was good! I changed my diet at the beginning of the year because I need to take control of my life and health. So my journey begins and I will no longer hide. Destiny is waiting for me and God has removed my hinderance. No more hinderance means no more excuses. I don’t want to recognize who I was, I am looking forward at the person I am becoming.


Moving into a new season

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Lord knows I have been running a marathon where I was at in my life. I’ve tried to be everything to everybody. It has gotten to the point where it sent me to the hospital and every time I go to the doctor my vitals look different? Stress is not your friend by no means and it seems it follows me everywhere I turn. I was looking at television the other day and saw this woman talking about how stress is the leading cause to most illnesses and how it somehow becomes a memory in your! It was on a Christian network. I thank God for His new mercies everyday. Well my husband has removed himself from the household. A pastor had prophesied over me at church and said that God would be removing some people out of my life and she wanted to pray for my strength just a week before he left. Well I do need some of that and some prayer. Okay God now you got me all to yourself. Here I am looking at my life and it looks bleak because when you put everyone before you and when they move out the way your life looks wasted. I mean true dedication to others hopes and dreams. Sacrifice to raise your children over the almighty dollar. I don’t know. I guess this is where He wants me so I still say, YES LORD!

You should know better

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You better get to know who you are. You better start asking yourself some serious questions. You better start setting some standards for yourself. You better find something to live for. You better learn who you’re serving. You better get it together. Life is short but it can feel so long in different instances. Sometimes I long for my children to grow up and become self-sufficient but at the same time I want to do nothing more than to spoil them to no end because they grow up way too fast. What we want and what we need is sometimes the same thing and that is a perfect marriage. That is my hope for my life and others. That we can have some peace at the end of the day with the decisions and choices we have made and be pleased with them. If you can’t then you better…………….CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!